At&t Universal Card Login at ❤️ Manage Account & Bill Payment [2022]

At&t Universal Card Login – Do you own a Universal Credit Card and want to access your credit card account using card login at website? Here’s the detailed article about how to do it and manage your account using your sign in credentials.

Today, I will walk you through each step related to At&T Universal Card Login and explain the requirements for login. I will also provide details about the registration process, the steps for a password reset, and finally, help you choose the best option to make your credit card bill payment.

Many credit card users of AT&T face issues with login in and resetting the password. Sometimes we cannot access the credit card website. Such technical issues create a bad portal user experience. If you encountered some of these issues yourself, keep reading the article till the end as I help you troubleshoot your issues.


What is At&t Universal Card Login?

With At&T Universal Card Login, you can access the official credit card account. Once you log in to the credit card site, you will have all the features and benefits on your homepage.

The login process is relatively easy and does not take much time. It is a secure way to access your At&T Universal Card account and find all the relevant details on a single platform.

The ATT Universal Card Login includes a user ID and password that helps their credit card holder to connect securely to their profile.

What is At&T Universal Card and its benefits?

what is att universal credit card

Citibank issues the AT&T universal credit card for customers. The universal card provides excellent benefits, such as a 0% APR on balance transfers. The Universal Savings Platinum Card from AT&T allows users to get several other benefits.

The basic benefits to cardholders include Identity Theft Protection, zero liability on unauthorized purchases, etc. You’ll also get many extra benefits, such as Global Travel Insurance,  extended warranties, and much more.

Below are some advantages of using the At&T Universal Card online system,

  • Setting up automatic recurring payments
  • Paying ATT Universal Card bill online
  • Check current statements and activities
  • Find out about past activities
  • Monitor your account and its transactions
  • Identity theft protection
  • 0% APR on balance transfers for the first 15 months
  • A chance to earn AT&T Thank You point for every dollar spent
  • Become eligible and qualify for travel
  • No annual charges
  • Easily connect with mobile wallets
  • Get discounts on retail websites
  • Get instant cash bonuses

These benefits vary based on the card that you choose. So, now you know about the benefits. If, after reading the benefits, you are willing to get your AT&T credit card, then please finish the registration using the following points.

How to Register for At&t Universal Card Login Account

To register for the Universal Card, you will need basic details to enter the website. Please keep your bank account number, brokerage account number, or Paycheck Protection Program Loan account number. It will also work if you have a Credit or debit card number with you.

Now start following the steps below.

  • Open for At&T Universal Card Registration.
  • It will open the website.

click on register in att univervast card login page

  • Now go to the right and find the “Register” option on your screen.
  • Once you click that option, you will have the Online Access Setup Page.

register for att universal card login

  • On this page, please choose to provide the details that you have.
  • Now you must click on “Continue Setup“.
  • After that, keep following the process.
  • Setup your unique username and password for your Universal Card account

Requirements for At&t Universal Card

  • The website address for logging into the At&T Universal Card account at
  • A device capable of supporting the internet and opening the website. You can use a PC, Smartphone, or any tablet.
  • High-speed internet access
  • Username and ID of At&t Universal Card Login

At&t Universal Card Login at

Once you setup your account, you will have your login credentials. Make sure to keep your login credentials when accessing your account. Use the following step to log in,

login to att universal card login

  • Please put your user ID in the first empty box.
  • Then you had to provide your password.
  • Once you enter the correct details, please click on “Sign On“.
  • Follow the onscreen guidelines.

How to Reset At&t Universal Credit Card Login Password

Forgetting passwords can be very frustrating. You could lose your account access. Once you cannot access your account, you cannot make payment, check your balance, see the status, and do all the other activities.

Reset your account password as soon as possible using the steps below,

att universal card forgot password

  • Now, click on “Password” option.

reser att universal credit card login password

  • Choose the appropriate option.
  • Then click on continue.
  • Follow the next steps as suggested on your screen.

How to Recover the At&T Universal Card User ID?

Just like losing a password, if you lose your username, you will also not be able to access the portal online. To recover your username as soon as possible, please use the following step,

  • Open the website in your browser.

click on user id in citiback website

  • Now please choose the option “User ID“.

recover att universal credit card user id

  • Choose the appropriate option from the available list.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Follow on-screen guidelines.

How to Activate Your At&T Universal Credit Card?

After creating your account and getting your login details, you need to know how to activate your credit card. The activation process will take a few moments; follow the steps given below,

  • Open the site for activating your At&T Universal Card.

click on activate in att card login page

  • Now please select the “Activate‘ option on your screen.

activate att universal credit card

  • Now please enter your Card Number in the blank.
  • After that, you must click on “Continue” as per the image.
  • Follow the guidelines on your screen.
  • Within a short time, you’ll get your card activated.

How to Make At&T Universal Card Bill Payment?

There are different methods of making your Universal credit card payment. Each will provide you with flexibility and ease for paying your card bills.

Online Bill Payment

If you find paying your Credit card bills easy, you can use the AT&T universal credit card bill payment option online. Using this option, you will have ease of payment, and you can also check your bill amount.

  • Click Here to open the login page of AT&T Universal Card.
  • Use your login details to access your account.
  • Now you must access the online account management tool.
  • Using this tool, you can make payments easily.
  • Select the amount of payment.
  • Choose any method or mode of payment that you like.
  • Proceed to make your payment.

Bill Payment via Phone

You can make the process easy if you don’t want to log into your account and keep searching for options to pay your bill on the website. You must contact a number of At&T Universal Card Payment and follow the automated voice instructions.

Within a short time, you get your bill payment success.

  • Call on 1-877-288-4577
  • Then follow the steps.
  • Enter the credit card details.
  • Add all the other details as per the telephone voice.
  • Now follow the steps for making your bill payment.

Bill Payment via Mail

Paying your credit card’s bill via mail is a traditional method. This method is primarily popular among senior citizens. But if you like to do bill payments using this method, then the process is quite simple.

  • Include your AT&T account number check along with your statement in your mail.
  • Send your mail to this address

At&t Universal Card,
P.O. Box No: 183037
OH – 43218 3037

Note: Send the mail 7 days or at least 5 days ago because it will take some time for the mail to reach its destination. If you send it late, you miss the date of bill payment. And do not include cash in your mail.

At&t Universal Card Contact Support Details

Many Universal credit card holders face issues related to accessing their accounts. The users get bad experiences due to technical troubles and cannot find the relevant details on the website. To get proper support for such technical errors, you must know the contact details of the AT&T Credit Card support team.

  • Technical Support Contact: 1-877-660-1151
  • Customer Service Contact: 1-800-950-5114
  • At&t Universal Login Website:
  • Official CITI Bank Website:


At&T Universal Card from Citibank offers many advantages to the users. Users can manage their accounts online and their credit card-related activities. The online account makes all things easier for the users.

The card offers many great perks, such as discounts, 0% APR, Thank You Reward Points, theft protection, and zero annual cost. You can log in to your credit account and explore more benefits.

After reading the article, I hope you have found meaningful information about credit card use. I tried to include all the relevant points that could help you save time and effort in accessing your account.

If you face any technical glitches or errors, the best way to fix them is to contact the customer support team. The team of experts will guide you in troubleshooting all the issues that you are facing.

Please use the comment form if you want to reach out to me for any doubts or suggestions related to At&T Universal Card Login. Add your basic details and post your doubts in the form of comments. I’ll try to get back to your questions and answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am facing trouble connecting my account online. What must I do?

Kindly check your device and its internet connectivity. See if you have a poor connection or not. Check if you entered the correct details for login.

You must contact the customer support team if the problem is not from your side. You can give a call at 1-800-950-5114 for general queries related to your credit card.

How to check my At&t Universal Card rewards?

When you open your account dashboard, there will be a timeline showing your account’s highlights. Please check this timeline and find out if you have any rewards.

If you cannot find any details, please go straight to At&T Reward Center. Please insert all the requested details. After that, please check your status.

You must have your claim number if you want to sign up for alerts by SMS or email. Once you sign up for alerts, you get notified of any such rewards or important details.

What kind of credit cards does Citibank provide?

Citibank offers several credit cards for different usage and convenience for customers.

For some other popular Citi Credit cards, such as

  • Premier Card
  • Diamond Preferred Card
  • Double Cash Card
  • Customer Cash Card
  • Costco Anywhere Credit Card
  • Rewards Credit Card
  • Simplicity Credit Card
  • Secured Mastercard Credit Card
  • AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite MasterCard
  • American Airlines AAdvantage Mile up MasterCard Credit Card
  • Citibusiness Advantage Platinum Select MasterCard Credit Card

All of the cards have different benefits and uses. You can check your eligibility for any card by reading the eligibility requirements.